BrewDog Overworks

BrewDog has unveiled a 10-strong range of sour beer from its new Overworks brand - six months after it was forced to scrap the majority of its bottled sour beer stock thanks to a “catastrophic” manufacturing defect.

The new range includes Funk x Punk, a 5.5% abv version of its flagship Punk IPA aged in sangiovese red wine foeders, as well as four ‘Cosmic Crush’ beers in cheery, tropical, quince and raspberry flavours and a five-strong ‘Wildcard’ range of sour ales: Aplomb Bomb, Bedrock Red, Electric Blue, Gooseberry Fool and Panavision Pink.

BrewDog’s Overworks head brewer Richard Kilcullen had “been working miracles for months, harnessing wild yeasts and bacteria and honing the sour beers that resulted, over and over”, said the brand.

They will be initially available online, through specialist retailers and BrewDog’s bar estate.

BrewDog initially planned to release its first range of sours last year, but was forced to ditch hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of stock after discovering a defect in the bespoke bottles it had procured.