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Campylobacter war aided by roast in bag format says Faccenda

09 Aug 2014 | By Vince Bamford

Faccenda Foods is to extend a roast-in-bag range that it claims can reduce food safety issues such as campylobacter…

Actimel for kids

Actimel launches a kids yoghurt drink Subscription

08 Aug 2014 | By Kevin White

Danone has launched a version of its Actimel yoghurt drink targeted at children…

Dairy Milk Oreo

Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo countline launched by Mondelez Subscription

08 Aug 2014 | By Vince Bamford

Mondelez is taking Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo into single bars…

Angry Chef

Focus on Rice & Noodles Subscription

15 Aug 2014 | By Natalie Brown

New trays and pouches allow Brits to cook perfect rice at home…and now they’re a hit with foodies too…

New Grocer website

Video: Take a tour of The Grocer's new website Video

11 Jul 2014 | By Jon Yeomans

Take a tour of The Grocer’s relaunched website and learn about its new features, including The Grocer 33, GPI, and the Finance channel.


FSA U-turn is a Pyrrhic victory for industry

24 Jul 2014 | Updated: 25 Jul 2014 | By Julia Glotz

The poultry industry has successfully lobbied the FSA into U-turning on plans to ‘name and shame’ companies in its campylobacter survey, but it shouldn’t rejoice.

disappointing gary

Confusion as Gary Lineker returns with Walkers Do Us a Flavour

16 Aug 2014 | By Mark Dishman

Walkers’ Do Us a Flavour promotion is back again, and inevitably Gary Lineker is back…

pepsi production line

Tingyi offers lessons for Global 50's ailing multinationals

05 Jul 2014 | By Guy Montague-Jones

Touring a supermarket during a trip to Sri Lanka, it was striking to see where multinational brands had made an impact…


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Flexibility and the ASA

03 Feb 2014

Less attention has been given to one aspect of the ASA’s ruling on Lucozade that permits some welcome flexibility…

Avoiding the honey trap

01 Sep 2013

Sir: Retailers being forced to limit the number of Manuka honey jars on shelves is the latest manifestation of a long-running problem…

Wall's Funny Feet's return is exciting

01 Sep 2013

Just wanted to let you know I’m a big fan of The Grocer’s Bring Back a Brand campaign…

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Telogis - Keep Calm and Reduce Costs

06 Jun 2014

Semi-Live: Telogis, the platform for location intelligence, is dedicated to enhancing the value of its customers’ businesses through intelligent integration…



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