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Tesco brings Kipa Turkish desserts to UK

20 Apr 2014

Tesco has launched three tahini halva desserts under the brand of its Turkish supermarket chain Kipa…

Kinder Suprise eggs

Kinder Surprise Easter eggs spark eBay bids of over £20

20 Apr 2014 | By Vince Bamford

Shoppers are splashing out more than £20 on eBay for Ferrero’s Kinder Surprise eggs – over four times the £5 rsp…

Black Wolf Brewery Range

Traditional Scottish Ales rebrands as Black Wolf Brewery

20 Apr 2014 | By Arabella Mileham

Traditional Scottish Ales has become The Black Wolf Brewery and unveiled a new range of modern craft beers…

Ali Cahteau

Wine & Champagne Category Report 2014 Subscription

18 Apr 2014 | By Arabella Mileham

Rising average wine prices have played to own label’s advantage with the discounters yet again toasting huge share gains…

Tesco Sandhurst

Tesco pulled in two directions

17 Apr 2014 | By Ian Quinn

Tesco is torn between a price war and a store refresh programme. Can it possibly succeed at both?

Jagermeister ad

Jägermeister maintains the mystery with its debut TV ad

04 Mar 2014

Jägermeister is a mysterious drink. No one’s sure what it’s made from, no one knows whose idea it was to buy shots anyway…

Ready meals

What does the future hold for fmcg? Subscription

04 Mar 2014 | By James Averdieck

I am now what has become an increasingly rare breed in this industry – someone over the age of 45…


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Flexibility and the ASA

03 Feb 2014

Less attention has been given to one aspect of the ASA’s ruling on Lucozade that permits some welcome flexibility…

Avoiding the honey trap

01 Sep 2013

Sir: Retailers being forced to limit the number of Manuka honey jars on shelves is the latest manifestation of a long-running problem…

Wall's Funny Feet's return is exciting

01 Sep 2013

Just wanted to let you know I’m a big fan of The Grocer’s Bring Back a Brand campaign…

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